Quiz: What Kind of Mom Are You?

I am sharing a list of questions that will help you get to know yourself better as a mom. Understanding your mothering style is very important.

Make a list! Get a pencil and a sheet of paper, and write down your answers:

How do you deal with each of these situations?

– Before a tantrum:

A.- I take a deep breath and count to 10.

B.- I join my children in their excitement.

C.- I cannot stand others’ judgment and I am very strict in the limits that I impose.

– When we go out and the kids want everything:

A.- With patience I explain that in this moment it will not be possible. Also, if what they want is within the realm of possibility, I will let them know that I can buy something small, but nothing more than that. Then we can come to an agreement.

B.- I am sharp and I do not offer any further explanation.

C.- I buy them what they want! I try to live in the present, and my children deserve everything.

– When they have a cold:

A.-I wake up and take my babies’ temperature every 10 minutes.

B.- I allow my children to sleep with me.

C.- I give them their medicine and instill confidence in them.

– When we go to the park:

A.- I am always behind them to keep them from falling or getting hurt.

B.- I let them play alone, but if they ask me I will play with them.

C.- I play with them even if they do not ask me to join them.

– At home:

A.- I plan the family activities.

B.- I am involved in domestic activities.

C.- I take care of everything myself while the children are with Dad.



No matter how many A’s, B’s, or C’s you got, surely you agree with me that being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened!

In the end, being a mom is a unique and incomparable adventure. Consequently, from your role as a mom I am sure you are all of this and so much more:

The mother who makes the most of every situation: You are the type of mom who does what she can with the resources she has. You always work on being a better mom, and love prevails in everything you do for your children. You try to understand your children’s point of view by practicing active listening and legitimizing their emotions.

The mom who loves in every moment: You raise your children based on the love you feel for them. You do what your intuition tells you, and sometimes you get it right, while other times everything is total chaos, but you are aware that life is good and you can adapt. You try to maintain a sense of peace because you know that only then can you keep a harmonious home. Although from time to time you may lose control of your emotions, you know that everything will be fine, and the only thing you need to do is return to your peace. You love in every moment and from that love you give the best of yourself.

The perfectly imperfect mom: The one who is wrong, recognizes it, and apologizes. You know that imperfection is a part of life &mdash part of the charm of humanity &mdash and with this outlook you are convinced that you must show your children how important it is to live with human values and a transcendental perspective.

The apprentice mom: You are one of those reflective moms who see a learning opportunity in every experience. You are kind to yourself, but that does not stop you from identifying opportunities for improvement and doing your best to make things a little better for the next time around.