Kindness Movement

Kindness today is more relevant than ever. The kindness movement is born at a time in our history when kindness is a fundamental character trait for our kids to grow up with. As content creators we have been spreading kindness for the last twenty years with Juana la Iguana, the children’s character that we created through our award winning television series. We have many testimonials from parents and from the children stating that Juana was fundamental in their upbringing, among other things, to grasp the importance of being a kind person.

You can be a Kindmaker.

Kindmaker: A person who acts with generosity without expecting anything in return.

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Adamari López
Actress – Tv Host

Richard Weissbourd
Harvard School of Education

Camila Canabal
Tv Host & Blogger

Gaby Natale
Entrepreneur – Two Emmy Awards


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