Juana la Iguana has the most complete collection of traditional Latin American children’s music. After a great research work, we collected all that wonderful music that belongs equally to all Spanish-speaking countries. With happy and sticky rhythms and arrangements, Juana la Iguana offers the music that children prefer.

CD - Canciones Infantiles de Tradicion Hispana

These are traditional Hispanic songs with which we grew in our countries. They have entertaining rhythms and melodies and belong to the Latin American folklore. These melodies are a common language among the Spanish speaking countries.

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CD Holidays / Fiestas - Juana la Iguana

The best Christmas songs for children are in this wonderful CD for the whole family. The songs are in three languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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CD - The Musical

Here is the score of the show “The Mystery of the Musical Notes”. An innovative CD sung in Spanish and English. Children learn and practice both languages while dancing and singing very well known songs like Little Chicks Say Pio Pio.

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