Creating the adventures, programs and games for Juana la Iguana and her friends is our passion.
We write, create, sing and establish a great connection with today´s kids and their families. Our team comes from many countries of Latin America.
We are professionals in education, psychology, management, music, cinema, computer science and art.

Tania Gilinski
Creative Director.

Mother of four children and two dogs.
When she is not creating stories, researching or reading novels, Tania takes her four children to travel the world and works with them on community service projects.

Amanda Quijano
Executive Director.

Mother of two children.
With her never-ending energy, she is always creating and making reality whatever idea whether it seems impossible or not. Her free times (which are few) are dedicated to sculpting and writing scripts. If someone has a question on how to foster creativity in children, Amanda is the person to ask.

Anita Katz
Director of Education.

Mother of three children.
She is always researching the last trend on preschool education, taking pictures, or singing. She is an expert in having fun and making jokes while she teaches how to memorize a song or learning how to read for the first time.

Ronit Shiro
Business Development

Mother of three that learned to eat broccoli thanks to Juana la Iguana. Ronit is a rare combination mixture between creativity and methodology – she never leaves for tomorrow what can be done today. She always volunteers because her secret power is “to help others”. She is our emblematic “kindmaker.”


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