This is a collection of stories based on children’s Spanish songs that feature rhythms and melodies of Hispanic tradition in a modern version.
These traditional songs that have been passed from generation to generation, foster memorization and stimulate imagination.

Los Pollitos Dicen Book

In this entertaining story Juana la Iguana engages readers to act with their little ones to promote curiosity and memorization. This bilingual book is also a great tool to teach another language to children.

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The Mystery of the Musical Notes

This book is based on the show Juana la Iguana, The Musical. The story evolves around the musical notes that have disappeared from the pentagram and how Juana and her friends embark on an adventure to rescue them. This is a perfect book to expose the kids to musical concepts.

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Let's Count the Elephants

In this entertaining bilingual story Juana la Iguana engages readers to learn the concepts of numbers and values. Based on colorful and cute characters, the book engages children’s minds to anticipate the numbers and encourages their participation in the story.

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