Juana la Iguana, The Musical

The Mystery of The Musical Notes


Bilingual show based on popular children’s songs.

See Juana la Iguana, Tapirote the Pirate, Amazonas and Miguel come to life with beautiful costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music, and playful scenography that will make you feel like you’re in a tropical island in Latin America.

Juana la Iguana brings her musical world to Miami with beloved songs such as “Los Pollitos Dicen” and “Que Llueva que Llueva” plus several new tunes, which come to life onstage. All your little one’s favorite characters from Juana la Iguana will make everyone laugh, sing and dance. 

Juana la Iguana - TheMusical

What the Kids are saying

The Show

Juana la Iguana and her friends embark on a fun adventure looking for the musical notes that are nowhere to be found. Without the musical notes, there is no music and songs are very dear to Juana! Juana and the kids suspect Tapirote the Pirate has stolen the musical notes from the pentagram and they challenge him to return his loot. They will travel by sea, air and land chasing Tapirote to make him return the missing notes.


Juana la Iguana is a children’s show that teaches good values in a creative and exciting way. The characters find solutions to everyday problems. It’s a story about music and friendship, the show challenges the traditional story where the villain is an outcast. In Juana’s world everybody deserves a chance, even a deceitful pirate.


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