5 Flavorful Latin Recipes

I’d like to share these Latin recipes not only because they are delicious, but also because each dish is special for me. In each dish are the memories of incredible moments that I have shared with family and my Latin friends.



These are the best breakfast of all, not to mention the best dinner (and often a great companion for lunch). You can make them sweet or with vegetables in the dough &mdash either option will be extremely tasty. Look at the recipe here.

See the recipe here.


Who can resist some delicious Mexican tamales? There are so many flavors, and they are all so delicious that it is impossible not to eat them. How do you prefer your tamales? Look at the recipe for almojábanas &mdash this Colombian bread is simply delicious, and glorious when accompanied with fresh cheese. Your little ones are definitely going to enjoy this tasty bread. Here is a great recipe.


This kind of Colombian bread is simply delicious and accompanied with some fresh cheese or cheese curd are wonderful. Your kids are going to enjoy this tasty bread.

See the recipe here.


They eat empanadas in many parts of Latin America, and they are out of this world. In countries like Venezuela, they are made the same mass as the arepa, and are filled and fried. In Chile or Argentina, among other countries, they are made with wheat flour and baked. I love both ways! Here is a recipe with cornmeal.


Rice Pudding

This is a dessert so popular that it even has a song! Prepare it at home with this recipe, and cook it while singing the song:

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