New Year’s Resolutions

The first week of the year is perfect for family reunions, lists, and tasks.  Make sure to read this note, which is full of great ideas.

Let’s start with some tasks you can do with the little ones in the house:

For Children from 1 to 3 Years

The list can be completed with large drawings. Paste them somewhere visible, so that every day the children will remember completing these activities.
Help Save Toys: After playing, sit down with your little ones and offer them your help to save their toys. Make this activity fun &mdash you can even invent songs or a motivational game.
Learn to Say “Please” and “Thank You”: Even if they are small, this is an ideal age for your children to learn two of the most important words. Kindness begins in the way we express ourselves, so promote a culture of kindness at home, and remind your little ones to say these words.
Encourage Proper Hygiene Habits: Making habits is not easy, but we can make a little progress each day. Take every opportunity to promote good habits in your kids, including having them brush their teeth and wash their hands. They will not always do what they’re supposed to, but as they say: Those who persevere always win.

For Children from 4 to 6 Years

Keep the Room Tidy After Playing: This is for the whole year. Even the adults in the house need a reminder from time to time. Give meaning to the order in your house, and start with a conversation with clear rules that the whole family agrees to follow. It is very important that as children grow up, they participate in the process of making rules, and that they become used to making decisions and taking responsibility.
Helping with Household Chores: When children participate in household tasks, they learn a lot. Helping at home is a way to take responsibility, enjoy a sense of belonging, and make decisions with consequences. What happens when I don’t fulfill my duties? This is a question you can ask your little ones, and share with them what goes on in your adult life when you do your work.
Accompany Their Grandparents and Support Them When They Need It:Grandparents are a very special part of the family, and are characterized by being the most consenting to activities. When we invite our children to help their grandparents, we also promote a sensitive view of older people. In addition, when we help others, we connect with things that are more important than ourselves, which gives our existence greater meaning.
Come and make this list with your little ones, and share the results of this activity with us.
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Happy 2018!

I send you a big iguana Hug!

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