Meaningful Gifts for Children

This date is a very special time for children. The youngest are waiting with the illusion of receiving gifts they have wanted for much of the year. And while it is also an illusion for parents to see their children’s faces when they open their gifts, these holidays can also get out of control when the wishlist is longer than expected. So, it’s important to remember that this is a date to think about family values, the importance of what cannot be bought, and how transcendental it is to think about others and connect with humanity. These messages can also be great gifts that we give our little ones on Christmas.

Donate Toys to Children in Need

I love this activity because giving the best of ourselves is very rewarding, and it connects us deeply with our sense of humanity &mdash with that which connects us as a species. This is a gesture that invites us to think about others rather than our own tastes or needs. Take your little ones to donate toys and meet children with different realities, and you will see that the best gifts are those that involve shared experiences rather than material goods.
Live this experience with the best songs from our parties!

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Prepare Breakfast with Mom and Dad

Cooking with the family is an activity that everyone will enjoy, and this season we can give it a special meaning. Making breakfast together represents a connection in which the result is not only a meal, but also the symbol of the effort invested in something that we want to give our loved ones. It’s important that the gifts demonstrate our ability to think of others and give them something that comes from the heart. That way, we know they will be pleased. In this way, cooking for our loved ones also involves taking some time to think about others.

Make Crafts for Our Loved Ones

I love crafts, especially because they represent our talent, creativity, and the way we see the world. When children make crafts to give away, they are giving their best to others.
Look at these precious crafts you can do at home with your little ones.


Write or Draw Gracious Letters

Before closing the year, you can sit down as a family and complete this activity. It is very nice to hear about your children’s good wishes and aspirations, and this activity is even better for writing or drawing the wishes that we have for others.
I wish for all my friends to have the best celebration, and may the magic of Christmas live in our hearts forever.
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