Christmas Is a Good Time to Learn About Hope

Surely you have heard about how Christmas is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of values with your kids, and of course this is true. Today I’d like to propose that we talk about a subject that nourishes our hearts and our minds, and helps us get ahead: hope.

I love this subject, in part because hope is associated with the color green &mdash my favorite color!


3 Ways to Explain the Concept of Hope to Children

How do we live with hope?

At times, it can be difficult for our children’s agile minds to understand new concepts. Especially for kids in early childhood, who have not yet developed their speaking abilities, they often express themselves much better from the emotions and the body than they do objectively. So, an interesting challenge is to ask them how we walk when we are guided by hope? And this seems like a very complex question, but how about if we go about it like a game in the park? Dare to live the experience, and recreate a fantasy world where the characters dream of reaching the greatest treasure and face all sorts of adversities; and yet, they use their superpowers to walk with hope, and they finally achieve their dreams. Play with your children, and let yourself get carried away in their experiences. In the end, it will also be a great learning experience for Mom and Dad.
Live this experience with the best songs from our parties!

If hope was a character, what would it be like?

Chances are, your kids love to play and make up stories. You can talk to them about what hope is for you and why it is important, and from this conversation, you can unleash their imagination and create a character they will call Hope. When you create the character, make sure you give your children all the details so that your little ones can fully imagine it. Engage them in the creation of Hope, give them a voice, imagine what their favorite phrases would be, and encourage them to invent wonderful stories. This is a very didactic way to help your little ones manage the concept of hope and incorporate it into their lives.


Do I I have the power to fulfill my hopes?

Whenever you talk about this topic with your children, it is important to reinforce that hope is not just an idea. Above all, it is an inner force that produces motivation to achieve. In other words, to have hope is to know that if we strive for what we want, then we will achieve it &mdash even in adverse situations. No matter how long it takes, we will always have the confidence to achieve it.
I love to think about the superpower of hope! And I’m sure it’s a great topic to talk about this Christmas.
Start your games about hope with this wonderful song that we all love.
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