Three Incredible Ways to Learn Values Through Pirate Stories

This week is Pirate Week! I take it that my friend Tapirote has visited my YouTube channel to share these amazing ideas that, aside from activating the imagination, teach our kids important values.

Make a pirate ship to learn the value of our efforts

I’m sure you know by now that I love artistic and creative activities that use recycled materials. Well, this one is extremely fun because it gives me the opportunity to go on incredible ocean adventures. Here’s a great idea: While you accompany your little ones, you can tell them about the colors they are using and the textures of the materials. In addition, while they make the pirate ship, they can invent a story in which their imaginary friends set off on a magic adventure at sea. This is a great opportunity for:

  • Training the creative mind
  • Getting to know your little ones better: their likes, opinions and favorite things
  • Strengthening your connection with your little ones
  • Exploring your kids’ emotions by asking questions such as: How do the characters feel traveling through the ocean? How do they confront these feelings?

Want to know something that’s really great? When you see your pirate ship finished, you’re going to feel fantastic about the final results. There is nothing better than being rewarded for our efforts.

Learn to make your pirate ship by watching this video:

Explore our artistic abilities

I love arts and crafts because they are ideal for acquiring motor skills, seeing the world in color and expressing our appreciation for what surrounds us. Doing arts and crafts with the family is a great opportunity to learn together: motor skills, vocabulary, shapes and general learning to understand the world of our little ones. Here I leave some ideas that you can put into practice to develop your and your children’s artistic abilities.

Learn the value of friendship with this fun song

Pretending to be pirates and telling stories about the ocean are fun activities that you can do with your family. When children play, they take things very seriously&mdashthis is the moment your child puts his ideas into action, interprets the world around him, acquires new knowledge and explores. So, the game is the perfect way to learn. Playing with songs and using other elements facilitates the teaching process. Here we’ll learn:

The value of relationships
How to establish connections
The value of working in groups

Let’s begin with this fun video of Tapirote!  


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