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Porque amamos a Juana


"Un personaje ideal para niños pequeños"
Nayari Rossi
"Soy maestra de pre-escolar y madre de un niño de 2 años. Descubrir a Juana la Iguana ha sido para mi uno de los grandes encuentros en esta etapa de mi bebé. Juana es muy divertida, mi pequeño hijo se queda atento durante los 25 o 30 minutos que duran los videos , baila al ritmo de la música, se aprende las canciones, que por cierto son las mismas que me enseñó mi madre a mi cuando era pequeña.Yo había buscado productos en español para mi bebé y todo lo que encontraba dejaba mucho que desear, Juana La Iguana es en español, es latinoamericana y esta hecha con todos los cuidados y calidad como algunos de los productos que veo en Inglés de los grandes estudios. En mi tendrán siempre una seguidora y fan de Juana La Iguana."

"Juana la Iguana Genial y Educativa"
Diego Montealegre

"Si tu lengua materna es español, Juana la Iguana es genial porque los niños juegan, cantan y bailan en su propio idioma.  Tengo dos hijos de 3 y 5 años, les descargue en su iPad la aplicación de “La Granja”, puedo verlos como disfrutan y aprenden, pasan a veces hasta 15 minutos jugando, lo que no había visto que hicieran con otros juegos. En youtube vemos en familia los videos musicales y hemos descargado varios, nos encanta porque se han aprendido las canciones y las coreografías que son muy sencillas. Le doy 10 puntos sobre 10 a este maravilloso personaje y productos."

"Best App ever for children to learn Spanish."
by Adrienne
"Una de las mejores APPS en el mercado para que los niños aprendan español. Es divertida, es muy educativa y ayuda a que los niños sin darse cuenta de inicien en un nuevo idioma o lo vayan mejorando! Sin duda, recomiendo 100% esta app y la seguiré utilizando con mis sobrinas!"

"Juana is Amazing!"
by Sebbbbbs
"I learned so much Spanish! Thanks Juana."

"Brings back memories."

"Really helpful"
Camila Ardilla
"Is very interesting and fun."

"Que bien!"
by AppGuru14
"I have been looking for apps like this for my daughter. My wife and I speak Spanish at home and we're excited to see that she will have a character like Juana who she can connect and play with. I really like how the matching game spells out the word after every match. Great job!"

"Great app!"
by JessSeidl
"This app is amazing. It's a fun and easy way to learn Spanish and it helps you develop new skills!"

"Wonderful for kids"
by JBee2014
"Great app. Juana is super lovely and kids really love her."

"Fun and educational!"
by justinbieberloverrrrrrr
"Finally an App that teaches kids vocabulary in Spanish while they play! I loved that when they tap Juana she gives them good tips. So amazingly fun and musical!"

Spanish songs for our child
By Charles Walter
"This has become one of our go to albums for our daughter. Catchy songs and we're glad that we can continue bringing Spanish into our household."


"Suddenly our kid speaks Spanish"
by guerremaps
"After a week or two she started counting in Spanish. She's got great pronunciation and now my wife and I are speaking to her more in Spanish. Gracias, Juana!"

"Great learning tool"
by hesse103
"When I was a kid, it was games like these that got me ahead in school. I’d play for hours not realizing all the concepts I was picking up along the way. By the time I got to elementary school I found myself referencing games I’d played when I was younger. Now that I have my first kid it’s exciting to see that people are still making such thoughtfully-developed educational games. My son’s been playing with Juana for weeks now, and I can tell he’s as engrossed as I once was."

"Me encantaaaa!"
by littlelilia
"This is such a fun, enriching and enticing app for kids (and grow ups too)."

"Beautiful App"
by SimonChamorro
"What an amazing application, my nephews could not stop dancing, singing and playing. I love companies that are here to solve real problems and teach kids true values of life. We are from Venezuela but we live in Florida so many of the grooms in the family were born in the U.S. Now with Juana I know that they wont have to struggle with Spanish as they grow up. I am happy my kids will be bilingual!"

"Juana amazes!"
by Yerm
"Simple and intuitive toy with gameplay that never ends! Full of the hispanic appeal made available, in context and with fun, smart games. And to know Juana has more to offer. Can’t wait to see this brand grow!"

"Fun and Educational"
by MamaFeliz33
"This app is wonderful! My little one can't stop playing! It's helping her learn numbers, colors, and all about animals! we love it! Esta aplicación es genial! A mi chiquita le encanta y esta aprendiendo sobre los números, colores, y los animales!

My son loves it...that's what counts
by Amazon Customer

“Juana la Iguana is a wee bit cheesier than Barney, but my 22 month old loves it. He asks me to constantly play "Juana Uana." It has children singing short songs and rhymes, and going on adventures with their stuffed animal friend who comes to life when they need her (sound familiar?). This DVD has bonus material which includes four "Tipitips" which are little clips of FYI stuff for kids and "Canciones" which has short clips of 4 songs. At first I thought my son would be scared of the sight of the huge green lizard but he adored her (she has a very sweet and soothing voice). The only thing is that the topics are a bit more advanced than Barney type topics are. For example, this one with the Pirates talks about saving the dolphin from Tuna fishing nets and about preserving the rain forests all over the world. It's a bit intense in that sense, but my son doesn't care. He just likes the music and songs and seeing the kids jump around and dance, etc. I like that it's in Spanish because it's hard to find educational kid's shows in Spanish aside from Plaza Sesamo. If you can stand Barney shows, you can tolerate Juana. I personally really like Juana's theme song. I've caught myself humming it a bit TOO OFTEN.”

Great Series
By Maria Barrera
"Juana la iguana is truly a great series. The children who participate are talented artists and endearing. They are allowed to be more than mere supporting characters. The storyline of every episode is fun and filled with surprises. The vocabulary has a good range and the pronunciation is clear. The music include Spanish classic children songs and new ones. The choreographies are simple and easy to replicate - ideal for a curious, active child to dance with.
I find the comparison with Barney unjust, the similarities end with the fact that Juana la Iguana is also a plush toy that transforms itself into a real life animal. Juana interacts with the children in a respectful, equal footing way - very unlike the bothersome condescending manners that make Barney so annoying. Her voice is pleasant and it is clear that she is not the only star of the show, the children are as important as she is.
All this makes Juana la Iguana a nice choice for those who want quality programs for children, in Spanish.

Amazing Movie
By GutySmart
"This was amazing movie and the only place to get this it's right here, I just bought this six month ago and still love it."


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