Juana la Iguana in the Farm

Want to meet my friends from the farm? Come and play with Juana la Iguana. Classify tropical fruits, exercise your memory and sing with Juana. But be careful! Tapirote the pirate is going to try and sabotage your game. As a bonus, you can download free songs and activities to enjoy with your family.


Juana la Iguana at the Beach

The Latin charm from Juana la Iguana comes to the beach.
Play with cute seals, beautiful seahorses, friendly sharks and dancing dolphins. Decide what you should take with you for a day at the beach. But beware – the pirate Tapirote wants to dump garbage on the sand. So, who will win? You or the pirate? Meet this new friend and download a trip to the Caribbean. Songs and activities for the family are free.

Juana la Iguana in School

Learn and have fun with Juana la Iguana in school. Meet all her friends while you play with them at recess. Decide which snacks you should pack in your lunchbox. In the classroom, some vowels are out of place, and many different-sized objects must be organized. Have fun with these tasks and become a class hero. Free songs and activities are available for the family. Coming soon to the Apple Store.

A Recommended App by Parents’ Choice Awards

My app has been recognized by the Parents’ Choice organization as a “Recommended App.” This organization is one of the most prestigious groups in the United States for consumer guidance on high-quality children’s media. I am super-happy about this great honor, and I am super-duper proud of making so many kids and their parents happy.


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