How to Stimulate a Love of Nature in Children

Spring is here! What a beautiful time, full of colors and delicious smells. I love this time of year because when I walk down the street and see the flowers, the trees, and the sky, I see beauty in everything around me!

Why Is It Important to Teach Children to Appreciate Nature?

When we see the beauty in what’s around us, we value the good in everyday life. So your little ones learn to appreciate what surrounds them, what is good in their lives, and what cannot be bought or sold, along with the effort that others make toward environmental well-being.

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Loving Nature Teaches Us to Pay Attention to the Details

And here are some great ideas on how to teach your little ones to love the environment:

Contemplate Nature: When you are with your family in a natural space, do not miss the opportunity to detail what surrounds you. Propose a game of taking three minutes to stare at something and observe it in silence. It is like the game of looking into each other’s eyes without laughing; it is the same thing, but focused on seeing a flower, a tree, or a landscape. Make sure to discuss how it makes you feel.

Lie on the Grass and See Shapes in the Clouds: This game is fabulous. What could be better than inventing fun shapes that make us tell great stories? This activity is a way of stimulating our imagination.

Stop and See the Colors of the Flowers: Describe them in detail, and see the great variety of colors in nature, as well as the odors that are associated with the colors. These are activities that stimulate all the senses and encourage us to appreciate the gifts of Mother Nature.

Run Barefoot in the Sand: Going to the beach puts us in contact with the Earth, helps us to understand our feelings, and offers a pleasant memory that we will always associate with nature. Look at other great activities to do at the beach as well. Check these other great activities to do at the beach. 

Plant Something and Watch It Grow: If we see a plant from the beginning and are a part of its growth, how can we not love it? This is a great strategy that offers many benefits: it stimulates the little ones’ sense of responsibility, helps them to value their own efforts, and also encourages them to care for nature. Today is a good day to plant your own plants at home!


Value Nature in This Moment!

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