Great Ideas for Ecological Crafts

This week we celebrate another day on the planet. I love this date because it is a great opportunity to celebrate the generous gifts that Mother Earth has given us, and it is also a good time to talk with the children about the importance of caring for and loving the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

These are my favorite words because when we put them into practice we give back to our Mother Earth, and we give her the best of us. It is a question of consciously using resources and acknowledging that they are not infinite.

Paint Mandalas on Stones

Find stones that are flat, and paint them with your favorite colors; you can also use permanent markers to make the lines. Preferably use a flat brush.

Photo by Bioguía

Make Art with Dry Leaves

Decorate your favorite spaces in the house with these beautiful works of art. You only need dry leaves and paintings with spectacular colors.

Use your imagination to give the leaves the shapes you want.

Photo by Motionkids

Make a Germinator at Home

It’s very easy: just soak some beans overnight. The next day, look for a glass or plastic container and fill it with cotton and newspaper, and then add the beans. Make sure they are spread out inside the container. To give your plant more personality, you can make crazy eyes like in this photo:

Keep watching your germinator, because in a few days you will see the magic of life: a small sprig will grow inside your jar.

Photo by MyKidCraft

Do these crafts and send me your photos!

Here is a song to make the moment more fun.

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