Children’s Songs and 3 Ways to Connect with Our Children

The joy of living is always finding a motive, small or large, that makes us smile. And when this motive also makes us smile, then we offer our contribution to make the world a better place. Sharing our joy and connecting with the joy of others is also a way of linking us from goodness. Enjoy the children’s best songs of all time &mdash the joy of music is contagious!

Put the Joy Glasses On!

When we share what makes us joyful with others, we see life’s brighter side. Thus, we begin to recognize the good in those around us and at the same time convey the good that is in us.

It seems easy to connect from the joy of our time spent with children, but the truth is that often our daily routines can be consuming and exhaust Mom and Dad.

How can you lower your tiredness levels and allow yourself to experience the joy of your little ones even at the end of a tiring day?

It is very easy to connect with the children when we sing with them and spontaneously enjoy family time.

Here are three ideas that are not only fun but also very relaxing:

1. Get Your Inner Child to Play with Your Children

Play as they tell you, without rules; simply follow the flow and let yourself go. Enjoy this unique moment, laugh with them, do nonsense, make them feel like what they propose and say is really amazing, and make sure they understand that their occurrences are the funniest in the world. Show them how much you appreciate playing their games.

Imitate Juana and the children, and let yourself be carried away by the music and enjoy the time you spend with your children.

2. Paint Without Structure

Sit with your children to draw, scribble, or even cover a leaf with paint. Put your mind in that moment and for a few minutes allow yourself to be free of your worries. It is worth painting clothes and bodies; the more freedom there is in this space, the greater the fun. By singing kids songs while enjoying these moments, you will spend a joyful time as a family.


3. Make Your Favorite People Say “Ooh La La”

Create experiences with your children. A song and a family dance, for example, are great opportunities to connect from a place of joy.

Do you remember this childhood song? It’s the talk about Aunt Monica that when she goes shopping we say “Ooh la la.” It’s a very funny song that everyone can dance to.

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