New Year’s Resolutions

The first week of the year is perfect for family reunions, lists, and tasks.  Make sure to read this note, which is full of great ideas. Let’s start with some tasks you can do with the little
Christmas is a time for Hope

Christmas Is a Good Time to Learn About Hope

Surely you have heard about how Christmas is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of values with your kids, and of course this is true. Today I’d like to propose that we talk about a
Meaningful Gifts for Children

Meaningful Gifts for Children

This date is a very special time for children. The youngest are waiting with the illusion of receiving gifts they have wanted for much of the year. And while it is also an illusion for parents to

5 Flavorful Latin Recipes

I’d like to share these Latin recipes not only because they are delicious, but also because each dish is special for me. In each dish are the memories of incredible moments that I have shared

5 Benefits of Encouraging Your Children to Sing

They say that music is a universal language, and there’s no question that it is. Regardless of whether you can read music, when it comes to uniting around a melody, we can all connect equally

How to Plan Family Meals to Save Time and Money

Do you think maintaining healthy food habits is difficult? For many moms, promoting a balanced diet and maintaining family mealtime can be challenging. Here are some ideas for planning meals for

Ideas to Make Family Vacations Fun

One of my favorite times has begun: summer! I love summer vacation because I can go with my friends and family to the beach, play in the sand, work on my tan, and breathe in the ocean air.